If you have the data that does not mean you have the right information


CLARUS Business Intelligence collects, summarizes, analyzes the data from the business process, making reports and statistics that provide a prompt and accurate decision support at the highest managerial level.



CLARUS BI is a powerful tool that allows:

  • to produce estimates and forecasts on the future of the business and very good control of current events
  • to reveal relevant and useful key data for business control and decision-making
  • to enable data integration and consolidation from all systems used internally
  • to increase profitability, efficiency and productivity
  • to provide the ability to quickly identify trends, maximize business opportunities and improve performance.


Web Reports

  • the ability to edit reports from any internet-connected device
  • automated (subscriptions based) sending of the reports by mail
  • export in various formats including Microsoft Excel, Adobe Reader, etc.
  • the possibility of using hyperlinks, allowing information detailing passing out from one report to another.

report manager


OLAP (decisional) Cubes

  • the easiest and fastest way of viewing and interpreting data
  • the analysis of the data in multidimensional format - excel tables, reports, pivot, pivot charts.




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The services offered by INTEGRATOR SOFT cover a wide range of areas, ensuring the CLARUS  solution implementation in optimal conditions.





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