Goals Of The Company
In an environment full of competitors, continuously changing, taking fast decisions is crucial for any successful business.
The mission of INTEGRATOR SOFT is to develop and provide the best integrated solutions so that operating decisions of management should be made in real time.

About The Company
Integrator Soft is an entirely Romanian private assets, whose main activity objective consists in supplying and implementing software solutions adjustable to every client's specific, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) complex software solutions, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), SCM (Supply Chain Management), HR (Human Resources), Business Intelligence etc.
Founded in 1996, INTEGRATOR SOFT has more than 30 specialists with a high training in software development, consultancy and solid knowledge of marketing and management.
INTEGRATOR SOFT provides solutions for medium and large companies from different fields of activity and also small business solutions for small companies.
Our software solutions provides:

  • Appropriate solutions in order to reduce operation costs of the company
  • Unification of internal system communication
  • Products and services adjustable to clients needs
  • Increasing turnover based on better clients-company relation
  • Flexibility in marketing approach



Integrator Soft anunta ca toate soluțiile sale software sunt actualizate...


The services offered by INTEGRATOR SOFT cover a wide range of areas, ensuring the CLARUS  solution implementation in optimal conditions.





Parcul Mic, nr.19-21

Brasov, Romania

Tel: + 004-0268-330104

Fax: + 004-0268-310126