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IFS’ maintenance components are part of a complete enterprise asset management (EAM) system that enables you to anticipate and adapt to the rapidly changing demands of the world around you. Easy to work with and access, the solution contains the comprehensiveness and depth of functionality that you need for day-to-day maintenance requirements as well as continuous development and improvement.


complex MRO

IFS/Complex MRO helps you provide superior customer service and reduce costs through leaner, more efficient MRO operations. By aligning personnel, material, and other resource requirements, you can reliably meet due dates and improve turnaround times.


vehicle information management

IFS/Vehicle Information Management is a powerful, comprehensive tool for integrated fleet and configuration management as well as for regulatory compliance. It supports serialized parts control, operational planning, preventive maintenance planning and scheduling, and modification management.


process automation integration

IFS/Process Automation Integration helps you to manage the interaction with automation equipment from different vendors. It uses OLE for Process Control (OPC) and IFS/Connect as a communication platform.


scheduling&resource allocation

IFS/Scheduling and Resource Allocations streamlines work order scheduling and activity planning, providing a common way of planning preventive maintenance and initiating corrective maintenance. The graphical drag-and-drop interface lets you make changes quickly and simply. Through integration with IFS Human Resources, it enables you to automatically compare personnel needs with the availability of various competencies.


preventive mentenance

IFS/Preventive Maintenance helps you manage schedules for regular preventive maintenance. You can organize and prepare all kinds of tasks in a facility. You can also schedule tasks according to your own maintenance parameters, such as machine condition, specific events, a calendar, or even whether an employee or contractor must perform the tasks.


work order

IFS/Work Order manages all tasks affecting your maintenance organization—fault reports, preparation, planning, and final reporting. The result is more efficient maintenance work, which reduces direct and indirect maintenance costs, and the loss of revenue due to downtime.


overall equipement effectiveness

IFS/Overall Equipment Effectiveness is a powerful tool for evaluating proposed improvements in equipment performance to increase revenue. It registers all operational events, such as availability, performance, quality, and overall equipment efficiency, with easy-to-use graphical interfaces for operators and process engineers.


equipment metering

IFS/Equipment Metering enhances profitability and gives you better control over the use of equipment requiring service. Meters enable service to be scheduled and invoiced according to how much the service object is used.


equipment monitoring

IFS/Equipment Monitoring minimizes downtime by giving you up-to-the minute information on equipment as it is operating. You can track current equipment status, stop reasons, and produced and rejected quantities to make better-informed decisions about your equipment usage.



IFS/Equipment manages physical information about your machines, buildings, ventilation systems, and/or transport systems. Fully integrated with IFS/Asset Data Management, it provides a complete asset lifecycle management (ALM) solution for both new construction operations and plant rebuilds.


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