componente financiare              IFS’ financial components give you a comprehensive view of your business from a variety of perspectives. When you spot a trend worth investigating, you can drill in to the appropriate financial transactions and scrutinize them in detail. These components enhance control at all levels of the organization and support regulatory needs around the world.

IFS/eInvoice improves and automates the supplier invoicing workflow by reducing the amount of invoices needing manual registration. Invoice scanning as well as true electronic invoices are enabled. Advanced rules for authorisation and matching with purchase orders significantly speed up the invoice processing. Events messages and history logs further improve the process and make follow-up easier.


budget management

IFS/Budget Management™ lets you manage the planning, budgeting, and forecasting workflow in IFS Applications. Use it to set your corporate strategy and to fix targets for the scorecard and budget templates. Continuous planning and rolling forecasting allow you to monitor and update the process at all stages. This component is designed for integration with Microsoft Excel.


cash flow

IFS/Cash Flow™ offers you flexible liquidity analyses based on a variety of scenarios that you select. Use customer orders, purchase orders, accounts receivable, and payables to generate projections of your cash position. Use this information to analyze your company for better cash management and strategic decision making.


accounts payable

IFS/Accounts Payable™ simplifies your supplier invoicing and payment processes. Support for self-billing reduces invoice handling. A variety of currency and payment options contributes to the flexibility of the module while follow-up and analysis capabilities ensure full control.


accounts receivable

/Accounts Receivable™ simplifies customer invoicing and payment processes. It automatically handles coding of routine transactions. Integrated with customer order and accounting rules functionality, it helps minimize errors and simplify routines.


fixed assets

IFS/Fixed Assets™ is a fully integrated accounting tool for strategically managing your company’s fixed assets. Moreover, it includes multi-country support for depreciation methods, making it the perfect fixed asset tool for a global organization.


consolidated accounts

IFS/Consolidated Accounts™ provides users with data from any number of companies consolidated into one place. Easily map different charts of accounts, budgets, and currencies from subsidiary to parent. Snapshots of subsidiary data, taken during the period, enable management to view up-to-date consolidated financial information whenever needed.


IFS/General Ledger™ ensures you have a solid base for financial analysis and reporting, plus powerful simulation capabilities, including multiple general ledgers and advanced distribution rules. It helps you to gather and consolidate financial events from all systems and subsidiaries within a corporate group.

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