componente distributie IFS’ Distribution components, together with manufacturing, form the basis of your supply chain management solution. These components offer the simplicity you need to better visualize product flows and use the system efficiently, and you can easily adapt to different distribution models and working methods. They give you the agility you need to grow and support change throughout your enterprise and let you take advantage of real-time communication throughout the order-to-delivery chain.
demand planning

IFS/Demand Planning is one of the most sophisticated and easy-to-use forecasting tools on the market today. A highly collaborative, graphical, and interactive tool, it allows you to plan visually using graphs of forecasts rather than spending all your time in the world of statistics and formulas.


IFS/Invoicing ensures fast and accurate invoice handling. It gives you the capability to automatically print, post, and update invoices from IFS/Customer Orders to accounts receivable (AR), enabling instant monitoring of your customer accounts and credit limits.

customer schedules

IFS/Customer Schedules integrates your manufacturing processes and production schedules with your customers’ demands to provide greater delivery precision, shorter lead times, lower inventory levels, and more cost effective operations.

customer orders

IFS/Customer Orders effectively handles your customer order processing at one or more locations and is a fundamental part of the IFS Supply Chain Management (SCM) solution. IFS/Customer Orders provides a multitude of pricing options for your business, enabling you to work with tailored pricing models.

supplier schedules

IFS/Supplier Schedules improves your administrative efficiency by reducing the number of transactions requiring user input. It is ideal for high-volume manufacturing environments, leveraging repetitive partnerships with a continuous and high-volume flow of order information.


IFS/Purchasing lets you streamline your purchase administration and is a fundamental part of the IFS Supply Chain Management (SCM) solution. It helps companies achieve better pricing from suppliers through centralized purchasing and is well suited for multisite companies operating in the global environment.


IFS/Inventory streamlines your entire inventory process. Extensive statistical functions are built into the system for detailed analysis. Multisite environments are fully supported, and designated clients facilitate movement of goods between sites.



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