componente inter-functionale        IFS’ cross-functional components are a set of extremely powerful tools designed for streamlining, simplifying, and handling critical processes found within most industries and businesses. These processes include business performance, customer relationship management, supply chain management, business modeling, and document, quality, and project management.

business performance

IFS Business Performance™ is an integrated performance management system supporting target-setting, follow-up, and analysis of performance measures. IFS Measure Library includes around 200 predefined, ready-to-use performance measures that provide a fast track to performance measurement. IFS/Scorecard plays an important role in any corporate performance management (CPM) solution as the central repository for all performance-related information.

accounting rules

IFS Accounting Rules™ provides a common set of rules for all manual and automatic postings within IFS Applications. It provides an excellent overview that secures your company’s accounting model. Standardized interfaces make it easy to handle transactions sent to and received from IFS Applications, as well as to and from non-IFS business solutions.

business reporting

IFS Business Reporting™ encompasses the broad report functionality in IFS Applications, which covers all types of ad-hoc, operational, and analytical reporting, including Report Generator, Quick Reports, Report Designer, and Output channels.

document management

IFS Document Management™ is a complete document management solution that gives you full control over your company’s documentation. It handles workflows, documents, and drawings and includes templates, version and release management, and support for invoice scanning (OCR) and redlining. IFS Document Management has all the features to satisfy any power user, yet its web-based interface is so user friendly that novice users can be up and running in a few minutes.

quality management

IFS Quality Management™ enables you to define control plans; test and inspection instructions; standards for parts, suppliers, or manufacturing processes; or any combination of these. Samples are linked to shop orders, purchase orders, serial numbers, lot numbers, and processes with time stamps. The most common SPC charts for variables and attributes are supported, and capability indices can be calculated for any process. Overview forms with standard interfaces can be used to feed third-party products for more advanced statistical calculations.

case management

IFS Case Management™ enables you to effectively provide workflow-based case management with full traceability and swift dispatch. The component enables employees and partners to easily register issues, link them to relevant business objects, and route them using queues or direct dispatch. IFS Case Management also provides support for thorough analytics by bundling a set of prepackaged measures for all stages of the process.

business modeler

IFS Business Modeler™ is an integrated package of tools, methods, and graphical models for developing and communicating company work procedures, routines, and responsibilities. You can use it to tune and communicate your company processes during an implementation of IFS Applications. IFS Business Modeler covers several corporate perspectives. The graphical documents produced become models for corporate structure and processes.

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