Human Resources Management Integrated Software Solution

CLARUS HR is a solid and complete human resources management software solution that meets the needs of any company in order to optimize its investment in the most important resource – the people, and targets an efficient correlation of employee activity with other activities in the company, ensuring your business success.


It covers all Human Resources Management issues, detailed information about employees, their progression, training and recruitment processes. Automate and streamline HR Department specific activities.



CLARUS HR fits the existing hardware infrastructure resulting in minimal investment and also minimize the implementation costs.



CLARUS HR is an application based on client-server technology. That thing allows access to databases for a large number of users, in the same time and also allows work in distributed environments.



CLARUS HR is a unified and self-contained software solution, with a modular architecture, consisting of several distinct modules that can be implemented separately or can be integrated with other software solutions, depending on the specific customer requests.



Together, all the modules of CLARUS HR form a complete set of powerful business tools designed to meet the challenges of the constantly changing business environment and increasingly complex needs of modern companies.




CLARUS HR EMPLOYEES module is dedicated to keeping and managing all employees information, covering all aspects of human resource management activities. Allows management of data relating to the people and aims "life cycle" of employees in the company: recruitment costs, training, performance, promotion.



CLARUS HR WAGES allows the payroll operation for employees and also acces to the definition and maintenance  of the information. It offers the possibility of defining and assigning salary policies and their allocation for each employee. Ensures fast introduction and processing of the information and allows immediate information about the calculation of wages.



CLARUS HR TIME&ATTENDANCE enables processing, analysis and interpretation of all timing data and  defined clocking policies, providing an accurate picture of each employee's activity by calculating the actually worked time. The solution manages to cover all processes, providing security and control, recording entry and exit hours, resulting in significant reduction of payroll errors and allowing efficient employe allocation on every project.



CLARUS HR TRAINING module offers the possibility to manage and to evaluate quantitatively and qualitatively the results obtained by each person from a teams. Perform continuous monitoring of employee performance according to plans made by training managers, leading to better training of the workforce.



CLARUS HR INFO module allows the visualization and maintenance of appropriate analytical details for each employee, allowing them to interract with the system for a large number of purposes (holyday request, canteen order, canteen payment, personal statistics).





  • Planning, recruitment, selection and distribution of personnel in the labor process
  • Establishing methods and systems of remuneration for staff and managing the payroll process
  • Management of professional education and training of the employees
  • Performance evaluation and career management
  • Maintenance personnel records and compilation of statistics
  • Sending information and notifications to employees.


Key benefits:

  • Requires a short implementation time
  • It is an integrated information system, modular, fully scalable
  • Flexibility in configuration by defining wage and timekeeping policies and assigning these policies for each person or professiona category
  • Follow wage costs per cost center and their real-time evaluation, leading to effective information management
  • Ensure security and privacy by accessing modules in multilevel system with predefined roles for each user
  • Provides real-time access to any information
  • Offers multiple reporting
  • Adapt quickly to legislative changes
  • Simplicity and usability of the software increases productivity
  • Automate and streamline HR department specific activities
  • Lets you export any windows in Excel with a single click.



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